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Providence, RI

Do I have any ideas for a weekend in Providence, Rhode, Island?  Yes, I do. It is the capital city of Rhode Island so I would recommend a stop in the State House. I highly recommend a few hours at

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Kangaroo Rambling

Red Kangaroos are the largest.  Gray Kangaroos are the most social.  They are all vegetarians.   I like to watch these athletes hop. “A male kangaroo can leap to lengths of close to 30 feet and at a height of

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Channeling my Inner Fish

Just the other morning, I was in my bathing suit and standing at the edge of Walden Pond. I was finding it difficult to start my swim. I was thinking I would be more comfortable on shore wearing a jacket. Was

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In the southernmost Indian State of Kerala, Kathakali is the traditional dance. At the performance where I took these photographs, the narrator used a hand percussion instrument and he was dressed in white and stood in a back corner of

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In Alaska, the town of Ketchikan had many bald eagles flying around and almost as many standing totem poles.  Near Halibut Street and Killer Whale Avenue, the Saxman Village had a collection of restored totem poles that had been gathered

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