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Spring Picnic

In Japan, this is the time of year when a woman might don a kimono and visit a park to picnic amidst the cherry blossoms.   These April photos are of Ueno Park in Tokyo…     from the land

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First Day Budapest

After finding my way from the airport to the subway, I managed to squeeze near a door before my stop. I pushed through the swarming rush hour crowds coming toward me and managed to get off with my luggage intact.

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Sometimes those tacky tourist places are the best. That was the case with the Tequila Museum in Mexico City. There is a self-guided tour about the production of Tequila. Then, on the roof, you are treated to samples—samples of tequila

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Sharing the World

I was thinking about all the time in New England that I have spent waiting in a bind for a moose or a bear to show up.  In Sri Lanka, the wildlife showed up where I was least expecting it.

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Llama, Alpaca and Guanaco

Llama, Alpaca and Guanaco are all Peruvian locals. As a tourist, I confess that I mostly paid attention to the fact that they were different types of animals because of the texture of sweater to be made by each animal’s

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