Tattoo—Journeys on My Mind is her first book. Call it a midlife crisis, but she always meant to write a book just like she always meant to practice a musical instrument. Halfway there, she hopes you like the book. She comes from a working class family in a New England mill town. She was gifted with parents generous in their moral support. She is a former labor union president. She is the winner of many public speaking contests. She has a Girl Scout sash full of badges. She received good grades but is no scholarly wonder. She is no athlete but has successfully hiked, biked, paddled and climbed all over the world. And she doesn’t use GPS. She is convinced there is much to be gained by living on the edge sometimes.

I am baffled by the marketing world’s insistence that people want to know about the author. I don’t pay attention to the author when choosing a book. I look at the book cover and read the introduction and check the print size. I suppose I’ve marked myself as a dinosaur now. At my core, I’m simply an unabashed travel addict, no apology. I may settle down and get a gold fish some day. But not yet! You are welcome to read my travel posts.  Hearing from you can help me decide what to write about.  Contact me.

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Tina Marie L. Lamb

For all the people I have met who are not familiar with New England, I thought this map might be appropriate.  New England is the northeastern most section of the U.S.A. and composed of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. It is 71,991.8 square miles (186,458.8 km) according to Wikipedia.  Moosehead Lake (117 square miles) in Maine is New England’s biggest lake.  Mount Washington (at 6,289 feet) in New Hampshire is New England’s highest peak. New England is home to the Red Sox (baseball), the Bruins (ice hockey) and the Patriots (American football). 

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Characters of Huffinfield (2022) by Tina Marie L. Lamb is now available as an ebook or a paperback at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.  The ebook is also available at Kobo and at Smashwords.

Buy it. Read it. And let me know what you think.

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    For more on New England, see YouTube, New England Time Capsule.

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    The New England States Exposition (or The Big E) is a fair in celebration of the six New England States held each fall in Springfield, Massachusetts.

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    Popular questions answered: The zip line in the photo is in Whistler – British Columbia. And my photo is on the back of the book.