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Ghana.  In the Town of Sirigu, you can visit SWOPA to see the traditional exterior wall painting done by women. This women’s art collective, SWOPA, keeps the tradition alive. Sirigu is in the north of Ghana.  Each home in this

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In Jordan, in the Gilead Hills, aside of the modern city now called Jerash, lie the ruins of the ancient city of Gerasa.  First founded by Alexander the Great in 300s B.C, but then Pompeii conquered Gerasa for Rome around

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Badlands National Park

South Dakota, USA They say the Great Plains were covered by a prehistoric sea.  In Badlands National Park, you can see Pierre shale, the sedimentary rock that used to be at the bottom of that sea.   Then at the

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Teshie Coffins

Ghana.  In the Town of Teshie are celebrated coffin makers.  They will carve a coffin in whatever shape you like (planes, cars, lions, etc.).   This was a novel idea for me. What shape would I want for my coffin?

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Nazca Lines

The striking miners had blocked the roads with rocks so that I was heading further away from where I wanted to be! Two days later, the miners’ strike (paro) ended. They seemed happy, parading down the street, cheering and holding banners.

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