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Rethinking Protein

UPDATE.   “The little gummies are packed with protein, but not from soy or gelatine. They are instead made from an edible, jumping insect – locusts, which are a type of grasshopper.” —BBC NEWS Story, Sept. 23, 2021 ♠ ♣

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Panda Posing

UPDATE:  China says Giant Pandas are no longer Endangered animals – July 2021.  Their status has been updated to Vulnerable. April 2015.  In China, there is a Panda Sanctuary in the City of Chengdu. This week, I’m sharing a few

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Booking Air Travel 2021

WHAT IS A WOULD-BE PLANE PASSENGER TO DO? Today, on more than one airline, if I book Premier Economy seats, the tickets are REFUNDABLE. While more expensive than regular economy seating, they are the most cost effective seats these days.

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Travel Snacks

A friend shared a link to “Best Travel Snacks” and it got me thinking that I have my own ideas on the topic.  LONG TRIPS. I always pack mint tea bags and apple tea bags. The mint scent helps me focus

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Bronx Spring

Come Spring, I start thinking of long weekend trips. Whether it be some place new or some place I’ve visited a thousand times, the warmer weather (with its easier travel and less layers of clothing and more comfortable outdoors) makes

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