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Silk Farm

Cambodia, 2010. At a silk farm. I took a free tour. We started by looking at the mulberry trees that feed the caterpillars. With a centrifuge, they separate the mature cocoons from the leaves. Then they were boiling cocoons and

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Madagascar.  In Ambalavao, there is a private paper-making business. Their method for making this paper came from the Arabs back in the 9th and 10th centuries. The Arabs had brought some paper on which to print the Koran but they

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Pu’u Loa Petroglyphs

On the Island of Hawaii, lies the Hawaii Volcano National Park. On over a mile of boardwalk trail, overlooking the shoreline, you can look upon petroglyphs.  Hawaiians of old created these pictures by chiseling them into the hardened lava. You

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Given the Easter holiday is so nearby, my mind went to Calvary where Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to a wooden cross that was then raised up for all to see. In Jerusalem, the Church of St. Andrew is dedicated to the

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Eligible Elk

Ernie the Elk took another sip of cold water. It was rutting season and for some reason, his classified ad had not been printed in the local news. No doubt the doing of some jealous rivals. He had worked for

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