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Taj Mahal

Agra.  I remember bicycling in the early morning hours to reach the Taj Mahal at dawn. To me, it was very beautiful and quintessential India. In the mid 1600s, the white marble monument was built as a tomb for Shah

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Lions, like the majestic star who growls at the beginning of MGM movies, don’t spend all their time in Hollywood. And they can do much more than roar when they wish to speak. Among other sounds, lions can meow! I’m

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In the southernmost Indian State of Kerala, Kathakali is the traditional dance. At the performance where I took these photographs, the narrator used a hand percussion instrument and he was dressed in white and stood in a back corner of

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In Alaska, the town of Ketchikan had many bald eagles flying around and almost as many standing totem poles.  Near Halibut Street and Killer Whale Avenue, the Saxman Village had a collection of restored totem poles that had been gathered

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Mount Rushmore

In the Black Hills of South Dakota, sits the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. I have not seen anything like it anywhere else. On granite rock, is a huge sculpture of the faces of four U.S. Presidents (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,

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