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Just for Fun (58)

Siena Valentine

Road Songs

Xmas Tree Memories

Nativity Scene

News Snippets from Ghana

Mushing Memories


Cows of India


SD Home Grown

Signs of the Times

Street Art

Dragon Fruit

Dip in the Dead Sea


Kecagi in Konya

Nighttime Neighbors

Kangaroo Rambling

The Carping Case

First Day Budapest

Forest Walk

Lycian Footprint

Loire Châteaux

Bremen Town Musicians

An Empty Chair

Lunar New Year

Still Valentines

Guitar Shark

DaFo at Leshan

Ode to Red Kangaroo

Moscow Subway Art

Windjammer Contemplation

Jordan–My First 24 Hours

Back in Belize

Unexpected Fun


Fort McLeod

Egyptian Glimpses

Black Sands of Iceland


Surreal Feel of London

Cotuit Talent

Dinosaur Dreaming

DC Meditation

Autumn Leaves

Lights. Camera. Jump!

Sun Fish

Pitcher Plants

Chasing Myself

Watching in Winter

Ballet Ticket

On a Sidewalk in Paris


Summer Reading around the World

Road Kill

Mariposa Grove

Picasso Competition

What’s in a Name?

Thinking Travel (46)

Retiree’s Bucket List

A Walk in the Woods

German Itinerary


Destination Decisions



White Mountains

Maritimes Itinerary

Providence, RI

Next Up?

Boston Baked Beans

Take Me There

Ice Cream in Massachusetts

Myths about Hostels

Maverick in Madagascar

Alabama Sightseeing

Coming Home

Sights of Southeast Asia

Mystic CT Weekend

Justifying a Journal

Blanket of Insecurity

Kansas Itinerary

New Haven

Itinerary for Germany

Mount Desert Island

Berkeley break

Quebec City

It says TRAVEL to me

Passionate about Travel

Radio Congo

Fifth Avenue NYC in December

Dakotas Itinerary

My List

Italian itinerary

Newport,  RI

Niagara Falls

Setting the tone for Italia

What about Spain?

Worst Travel Experience

Favorite city to visit

Ode to Cape Cod

NEB  Weekend Itinerary

Travel on the Mind’s Eye

Six weeks in the USA

Mongolia Reading

India Re-visited

—Lipstick on Jenga, weekly travel posts

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