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You have reached a list of more than 325 Travel Posts arranged by category. (Categories include: *Found in the USA*Just for Fun, *Thinking Travel, *Wildlife, *World Glimpses, and *Travel Know How.) There are Other posts too. Click on any title to see that post. This page is updated regularly.

Just for Fun (64)

Flight Turbulence

Gas Station – Space Station

Rose Gardens

Feeling the Heat

Snakes in March

Faces of Cold

Siena Valentine

Road Songs

Xmas Tree Memories

Nativity Scene

News Snippets from Ghana

Mushing Memories


Cows of India


SD Home Grown

Signs of the Times

Street Art

Dragon Fruit

Dip in the Dead Sea


Kecagi in Konya

Nighttime Neighbors

Kangaroo Rambling

The Carping Case

First Day Budapest

Forest Walk

Lycian Footprint

Loire Châteaux

Bremen Town Musicians

An Empty Chair

Lunar New Year

Still Valentines

Guitar Shark

DaFo at Leshan

Ode to Red Kangaroo

Moscow Subway Art

Windjammer Contemplation

Jordan–My First 24 Hours

Back in Belize

Unexpected Fun


Fort McLeod

Egyptian Glimpses

Black Sands of Iceland


Surreal Feel of London

Cotuit Talent

Dinosaur Dreaming

DC Meditation

Autumn Leaves

Lights. Camera. Jump!

Sun Fish

Pitcher Plants

Chasing Myself

Watching in Winter

Ballet Ticket

On a Sidewalk in Paris


Summer Reading around the World

Road Kill

Mariposa Grove

Picasso Competition

What’s in a Name?

Thinking Travel (55)

Venice Vortex

Ouzo on My Mind

Provincetown in Summer

Amsterdam Itinerary

What Next?

Vexing Transport

Taking My First Steps



Retiree’s Bucket List

A Walk in the Woods

German Itinerary


Destination Decisions



White Mountains

Maritimes Itinerary

Providence, RI

Next Up?

Boston Baked Beans

Take Me There

Ice Cream in Massachusetts

Myths about Hostels

Maverick in Madagascar

Alabama Sightseeing

Coming Home

Sights of Southeast Asia

Mystic CT Weekend

Justifying a Journal

Blanket of Insecurity

Kansas Itinerary

New Haven

Itinerary for Germany

Mount Desert Island

Berkeley break

Quebec City

It says TRAVEL to me

Passionate about Travel

Radio Congo

Fifth Avenue NYC in December

Dakotas Itinerary

My List

Italian itinerary

Newport,  RI

Niagara Falls

Setting the tone for Italia

What about Spain?

Worst Travel Experience

Favorite city to visit

Ode to Cape Cod

NEB  Weekend Itinerary

Travel on the Mind’s Eye

Six weeks in the USA

Mongolia Reading

India Re-visited

Found in the USA (54)

Let’s Meet in St. Louis

CT Dino State Park

Portland, Oregon

Pu’u Loa Petroglyphs

Badlands National Park


Mount Rushmore

Muskogee, OK

Bronx Spring


Salem Sojourn

Cranberry Bog

New Orleans

Maple Syrup Memories


Mesa Verde

Zion National Park

Grand Canyon

Bread and roses

Austin, Texas

Lowell National Historic Park

Nails on Chalkboard

LA Walking Tour



Little Rock


Viva Las Vegas


Pittsburgh Paint

Ice Impressions


Desert Snowman

Ohio Revisited

Allagash Wilderness Waterway

Saw Tooth Mountain Range

Kentucky Kicks Up Dust

Tennessee Wince

Detroit, strong-armed yet undaunted

San Antonio


Indy 500

What about Hawaii

Getting to Geronimo

Waves on Parade

Travel Know How (22)

Time to Exercise

Booking Air Travel 2021

Travel Snacks

Motion Sickness

Dealing with Delay

Weekends leaving you broke?

About a Travel Journal?

Meal Budget

Be Resolved

Packable Souvenirs

Gifts for Travelers

Lodging Logjam

Airports Matter

Plane Tickets

Traveling Trousers

Travel Advice?

Rental cars

Language Preparation


Travel Sickness

My Luggage

Travel Ideas

Other Posts (43)

Book Reviews

The Sidekick’s Reprieve

Another Book

My Mirror Says

Kitchen Window Sill

Covid Company

My Nerve Skated Away

Gumby Girl

Holiday Catharsis

Jack o’lantern Times

Setting the Stage

New England in My Mind

Swaying to the Pandemic

Happiness Is

Dog Ear Publishing


Grave Tales

Life is Good

Pandemic – Month 6

Mongolia Messaging

Hong Kong Revisited

Pandemic, 2nd quarter

Pandemic Prattle

Distance of Isolation

Ceremony of Thanks




Suffrage in the USA

Day of the Dead

Me Too ##

Travel Short Stories

Bethlehem’s Wall

Destination:  Nambia?



Audio Book Available

The Campaign


Channeling My Inner Fish

Paris on my mind

Nepal, still in need

Hong Kong, in the news

IBooks open




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