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Rethinking Protein

UPDATE.   “The little gummies are packed with protein, but not from soy or gelatine. They are instead made from an edible, jumping insect – locusts, which are a type of grasshopper.” —BBC NEWS Story, Sept. 23, 2021 ♠ ♣

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Dancing in the Streets

Among the many colorful and provocative sights in Mexico City, one of my favorites is the colorful dance troupes, depicting Aztec traditional dance. Or as a sceptic mumbled, how do they know the ancient Aztecs danced like that? It’s a

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River Ganges

India.  “The Ganges River flows through Varanasi. It is considered sacred because it holds the karma of ancestors from the ashes of cremated corpses thrown into the river’s waters. I took an early morning taxi to the Ganges River for

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Nazca Lines

Peru. I wanted to see the Nazca Lines.  On the way, the striking miners had blocked the roads with rocks so that I was heading away from the Nazca Lines. Now I was another day away from them. It was

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Township Trip

in 2005, I took a township tour outside of Cape Town in South Africa. The local bar was a one-room hut without any windows. Inside, very low benches lined the walls. The bar is open from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.,

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