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Feeling the Heat

It is the first hot and humid day of Spring and my mind wanders to my first trip to Eastern Africa. As my safari was put on hold while awaiting a new jeep tire, we huddled in a small circle

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Snakes in March

Around this time of year, I recall sitting around a table and having fun when things turned tense. A young man was patiently explaining why there were never snakes in Ireland. An older woman took great offense. Another murmured that

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Faces of Cold

I feel it… The cold air, entering my lungs, is taking my breath away. The chill is blasting past my thermal underwear and layers of gear. If I pull my hat any lower, it will block my vision. My frozen

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Siena valentine

In the pretty Tuscany region of Italy, are vineyards and Firenze and Lucca and Siena. Siena is a city filled with gothic architecture. Past the tourist center, you can sense the unassuming streets have seen much.   I signed up

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Road Songs

I like to travel with a song. Reaching my memory afar, I can hear them…Deep in the Heart of Texas, I Left my Heart in San Francisco, Side By Side, Chicago, Buttons and Bows, Bali Hai, Easter Parade, Georgia on

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