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Spring Picnic

In Japan, this is the time of year when a woman might don a kimono and visit a park to picnic amidst the cherry blossoms.   These April photos are of Ueno Park in Tokyo…     from the land

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Sometimes those tacky tourist places are the best. That was the case with the Tequila Museum in Mexico City. There is a self-guided tour about the production of Tequila. Then, on the roof, you are treated to samples—samples of tequila

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Llama, Alpaca and Guanaco

Llama, Alpaca and Guanaco are all Peruvian locals. As a tourist, I confess that I mostly paid attention to the fact that they were different types of animals because of the texture of sweater to be made by each animal’s

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from Chapter 5:  Maya Moment “At Tikal, I shook with fear walking up the Temple steps. The goal was to watch the sunset from the top and then get back down to the ground before dark.  To add to my frustration,

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Baobab Alley

In the center of the western shores of Madagascar is the Menabe Region, where you are apt to sporadically find Baobab trees. (This was amidst an ongoing educational campaign to stop using these trees for firewood and to remember they

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