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My plans dropped off the horizon. All my pacing at work was for not. My excitement over my destination is put on hold. What can I cancel?  On what can I get a refund?  My airline says to contact my

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Destination Decisions

How do you decide where you really want to go? This sounds like you have a few destinations in mind, but maybe you don’t! If you don’t, check out Travel Ideas. If you have a few ideas already, this would

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Though I like to visit different places and experience new people and things, I’m not sure travel would be as alluring without the anticipation.  Perhaps the preparation and planning of a travel addict magnifies my anticipation (in mostly a good

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Signs of the time

Signs of the times.  Signs of the day, Jingles that rhyme.  Words that we pray. What we feel compelled to put on a sign…       TATTOO—Journeys on My Mind by Tina Marie L. Lamb is available at Amazon and BarnesandNoble and iBooks and

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Eligible Elk

Ernie the Elk took another sip of cold water. It was rutting season and for some reason, his classified ad had not been printed in the local news. No doubt the doing of some jealous rivals. He had worked for

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