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Time to Exercise

The COVID Pandemic of 2020-2021 brought a halt to much outdoor and social activity in my area for many months. Gyms closed. Municipalities limited us to no more than one hour of outdoor activity per person.  If you are like me,

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My Mirror Says…

My mirror gave me a stern look, scrunched up my face and told me to lighten up. I exhaled. She had a point. I was taking life much too seriously. Sometimes, it’s better to roll the dice than contemplate and

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Kitchen Window Sill

Thoughts on home. On my window sill, over my kitchen sink, are two hobnail glass vases. I don’t think I would have selected them for purchase, but there they are. One is gold, five inches high, and sits on three

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What Next?

February 2022. I know, I should have been satisfied with road trips. But I’ve been patient for over two years now. So I did it; I booked an overseas trip. With Covid looming and people living in the world of

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Covid Company

I like to sing. When I was young, I sang daily. Now, I’m lucky to be taken from the cupboard. Usually though, on Thursdays, the young man comes to visit, and he likes his cup of tea. He dusts me

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