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“I had been told that a local fairy creature in Japan was the Tanooki so I should look for him.  That was a good thing because the tourist places didn’t mention him.  This is what I was told:  Tanooki is

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White Mountains

The autumn is a wonderful time to spend a weekend in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.   For me, it gets a bit chilly for a tent at this time of year.  But that’s OK because of the White

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Keçagi in Konya

From a distance, it looked like an Alice in Wonderland playing card was looking in my direction.  Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland was a bit unnerving, but I liked playing cards.  Before first grade, my Aunt Ann had taught me how to

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Teshie Coffins

Ghana.  In the Town of Teshie are celebrated coffin makers.  They will carve a coffin in whatever shape you like (planes, cars, lions, etc.).   This was a novel idea for me. What shape would I want for my coffin?

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Maritimes Itinerary

MARITIME PROVINCES OF NOVA SCOTIA AND PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND – 2019 If you are considering a trip to Halifax and the Canadian Maritimes, this itinerary worked well for me. I was planning a road trip to Nova Scotia and Prince

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