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Muskogee, OK

Although my AAA Tour Book didn’t list much to see in Muskogee, I had to go there. I was singing Merle Haggard’s “Okie from Muskogee” for all I was worth when I passed the town limits. I stopped for gas. My feet

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Bronx Spring

Come Spring, I start thinking of long weekend trips. Whether it be some place new or some place I’ve visited a thousand times, the warmer weather (with its easier travel and less layers of clothing and more comfortable outdoors) makes

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Chicago is still “a wonderful town.”  Early this summer, my travels took me there and I spent some time wandering about.  Here is my report. Skydeck Ledge looks out from 1353 feet high at the Sears Tower, is still a

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Salem Sojourn

Salem, Massachusetts. Witches, ghosts and goblins step into the spotlight in Salem on Halloween, October 31st, creating mobs of revelers in the downtown. I like admiring the different hats. In their own way, the hats rival those at the Ascot.

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Cranberry Bog

Coming into October, I am reminded of my half day working in a cranberry bog near Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was in late October that I went to help harvest cranberries. I had read about this opportunity the year before but found all

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