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Weekly posts on review

SIESTA is a civilized concept, taking time to pause, nourish ourselves, rest and reflect. I’m taking a siesta of sorts. This week’s post, before entering the new year, is a list of the weekly posts by category to date.  (Categories

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Language Preparation

“No speak Inglez” Now what? Do not speak English louder and louder unless you want to invite disdain. If one phrase doesn’t work, try another. Speak slowly. It helps to have checked on the local language before arrival. Even when the pundits

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Turtle and me

Hawaii.  In Hilo on the island of Hawaii, I set off with the hostel keeper’s directions for a good place to swim and snorkel. I pulled over to swimming holes reminiscent of my childhood where you walked through the woods

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Ballet Ticket

Moscow.  The Don Quixote Ballet at the Stanislavsky Theater was pree-krah-snah (awesome/excellent).  At the theater, the women wore mostly dresses. So much so, that I was accosted by a female security guard AFTER passing security. I thought she was going

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Hong Kong, in the news

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters are pricking at my soul. There is something unhealthy going on in Hong Kong. Under the United Kingdom of Great Britain, it was such a vibrant, crazy, loud and spontaneous place. I’ve been twice there since it

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