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Chasing Myself

My first trip to Florida included a drive out to see Cape Canaveral where the space shuttles set off for the moon and elsewhere in the upper atmosphere. I was thinking fondly about the Andy Astronaut picture book I had

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Ethiopia again

You want more on Northern Ethiopia?  Truly it was the self esteem with which people carried themselves  that stood out the most.  More?  Hmm… I liked the shoulder dancing but it tired me out.  And the ululations were all right once

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Rental cars

Do I have any tips about renting cars? Advance purchase is almost ALWAYS going to get you the best deal. Sometimes you can get a good deal with or I have had great and awful experiences with many companies.

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1991 Seattle. After being stuck up for money by a panhandler mob at an out of the way car park, I didn’t think anything else was going to register about that trip. But looking back, there were two standout activities.

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