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Lodging Logjam

People frequently ask about how I manage to travel without spending a lot of money. So I started asking what cost so much money and learned many people spend large sums on lodging costs. I generally don’t. I am not inclined

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What about some embarrassing moments? I know there must have been many, but it is with great effort that I was able to recall any details. Perhaps I block them from my memory. Here is one incident I recall. I

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Gorilla Hour

Volcano National Park, Rwanda. We were split into groups of eight and each group followed their guide to a jeep. We sat facing each other in a compartment behind the front seat. I did all I could to stem the

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Seashores on my mind

“Even castles made from sand fall to the ocean” – Jimi Hendrix We are nearing summer at home and to a fair weather fan like me, the seashore feels all new and yet familiar. That made me think of other

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