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Maverick in Madagascar

Madagascar is an adventurous destination even before attempting to scale the Grand Tsingy. But Mark Eveleigh shares an even grander adventure in his 2001 book, Maverick in Madagascar. Well written, it is a wonderful sideways glimpse into the culture that is

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Naadaam Festival

Mongolia.¬† The three-day national holiday of Naadaam is celebrated all over the country. It is a time for proving one’s skill. Competitions in archery, horseback riding, wrestling and bone throwing are mainstay events. In the capital, these are huge events

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Guitar Shark

Thanks to its hosting of the European Union’s Conference On Ocean Conservation, the largest aquarium in Europe is in Portugal at the¬†Oceanarium in Lisbon. In Portugal, where 25 percent of the commercial fishing centers around sardines, my choice here isn’t

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