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An Empty Chair

Travel Flashback: It was my first night in San Francisco. I was a bit timid about entering any restaurant. But an Italian Family Restaurant sounded unpretentious and delicious. Inside, I learned there was a thirty-minute wait. Now what? I saw

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Travel Short Stories

Why would I want to read a book of travel short stories? I recommend it. I can tell you what it did for me. When I was an undergraduate student, I attended classes, participated in a few school-sponsored extracurricular activities,

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Ten Myths about Hostels

HOSTELS.  Here is my list of ten myths, but there are most certainly more. You have to be under age 30 to stay at a hostel. Hostels are open to all ages.  You have to be traveling solo to stay

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Sarajevo-still moments

♠I was walking through the market and admiring the metal objects made at local workshops. As I was considering a coffee grinder, the vendor came over and demonstrated how it worked. He told me that you can always tell the

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When I think of a hippo, my mind goes to Henrietta Hippo from the New Zoo Revue, a children’s TV show that was playing in the mid 1970s.  I liked Henrietta.  She wore dresses and skipped, and lived in an suburban

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