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Loire Châteaux

Tattoo’s Chapter 15, speaks to my road trip from Orléans to Nantes in the Loire Valley in France: “I had my rental car, my road map, a pocket castle guide and an imagination full of smart, fun, colorful dragons.” The

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Kayakoy, Turkey. In the green hills by the sea, you can walk to the shell of what once was a church. Why was it abandoned? The surrounding ancient stone houses too seemed devoid of life, save an occasional roaming turtle. This

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Reichstag Dome

Berlin.  The German Parliament Building is a one of a kind. But like other capitol buildings, it had a dome. Unlike other capitols, it had a huge metal dome, over 150 feet high. I had to send away for an

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Muskogee, OK

Although my AAA Tour Book didn’t list much to see in Muskogee, I had to go there. I was singing Merle Haggard’s “Okie from Muskogee” for all I was worth when I passed the town limits. I stopped for gas. My feet

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