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Vietnamese Boats

Vietnam is sprawled out like an elongated letter S along the ocean.  The land is mostly multi-hued green. The people are gracious even if your Vietnamese is less than proficient. It is a travel destination bound to leave most with

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Homemade Islands

In the Andes, stretching out between the land of Bolivia and Peru is Lake Titicaca, South America’s largest lake.  On Lake Titicaca, the Uros people make their islands by layering Totoro Reeds.  They weave the reads together and pile them

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The baboons look cuddly but can be quite intimidating up close and personal. I have no doubt of their competence to do just about whatever they set out to do. Sometimes they are milling about in groups. Sometimes a lone

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Mostrar is a city in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Mostrar, I walked by many building frames that had been hollowed out in a 1993 attack during Yugoslavia’s civil war.  One had a sign warning of danger if

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