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German Itinerary

Here is an itinerary with notes that I used some years ago for eighteen (18) days in Germany (Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Munich, Neuschwanstein Nuremberg, Bamberg, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Lübeck, Bremen), traveling by train. I try to have a plan when traveling

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Distance of Isolation

Another rant.  After more than a month in the world of self-isolation and social distancing, I find myself sad, anxious and distracted by the existential nightmares coming alive while I’m awake. I make to-do lists and get through them. I

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Given the Easter holiday is so nearby, my mind went to Calvary where Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to a wooden cross that was then raised up for all to see. In Jerusalem, the Church of St. Andrew is dedicated to the

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My plans dropped off the horizon. All my pacing at work was for not. My excitement over my destination is put on hold. What can I cancel?  On what can I get a refund?  My airline says to contact my

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