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In the USA, we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week.  Sara Hale was a big campaigner to have this day celebrated as a national holiday.  I played the part of Ms. Hale in an elementary school play so I always remember

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Suffrage in the USA

As the USA prepares for its national elections, it brings to mind the many comments about USA voter turnout that I have fielded over the years. Why don’t more people vote in the U.S.? Why doesn’t the U.S. make voting

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Me Too##

While I shun most media outlets these days, even I have come to hear of the Me Too## phenomenon. There seems to be a lot of sharing about sexual assault and sexual harassment at work by folks who didn’t speak of

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Bethlehem’s Wall

Walls have many forms. The writer hits a wall. The race car hits a wall. The newcomers encounter a wall of prejudice. A wall might develop between friends. Then there are times when a wall can be a good thing.

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Chicago is still “a wonderful town.”  Early this summer, my travels took me there and I spent some time wandering about.  Here is my report. Skydeck Ledge looks out from 1353 feet high at the Sears Tower, is still a

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