Whale What Are You Waiting For

When the World Trade Towers came crashing down, the world stopped for many people.  The impact reached beyond New York and beyond the U.S.A.  Grounded passengers on trains and planes were searched for security threats.  Ships in U.S. waters were directed to ports and searched.  This last step created a quiet sea for almost forty-eight hours. 

Ships move by marine propulsion, mostly propelled by mechanical systems with electric or gas-powered motors.  This creates loud noise, with the worst volumes being under water.  The underwater mammals have been coping or enduring this for decades now.

After the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Towers, the ships were silent.  The whales and other sea mammals had euphoric peace.  I can imagine that their headaches disappeared, their nervous twitches abated and their breathing was deeper and slower.

Before scientists who study underwater mammals released their data from that day, I never realized we landlubbers were creating so much stress for the underwater world.  Perhaps whales are beaching because the they can’t stand the loud noise anymore.  Recent reports say that Orcas are attacking ships.  It could be they have had it with the noise and figure it’s us or them. 

If the sea creatures are coming after us, I might not be snorkeling as much.  The more I consider it, I’m beginning to think the Orcas may be only the tip of the iceberg.  The waters are warming; shark attacks are becoming more frequent; the lobsters are on the march north; the horse shoe crabs have all but disappeared.  I don’t even want to think about what those Giant Moray Eels may be scheming.

We all win if we can foster mutual respect.  We need greener, quieter options to propel our ships.  The whales deserve some peace and quiet.  I would rather not swim in fear. 


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