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A church in Peru

Which is the most beautiful Catholic church I’ve seen?  Even thinking about just the Catholic ones, I couldn’t say.  I like to admire churches.  I know I have seen many beautiful churches, architecturally beautiful and/or decorated beautifully.  After stretching my

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Waves on parade

North Shore, Oahu:  Across the street lies the beach but the surf was a bit much for swimming.  Instead, I sat in the shade and watched competitors in an International Surfing Competition.  They surfed big waves, staying upright on their

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Swinging Orangutan

Sabah:  In the Orangutan Sanctuary, I watched the orangutans milling about and eating bananas on the platform erected for the tourists’ easy viewing. We were close up, but it was too much like being at the zoo. So I filed

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Drumming in Ghana

Historically, Ghana has had female drummers, and they are still drumming and sounding good. I gave my extra bananas to Nancy, and she put her arm around me and escorted me down a hill to a crowd from where I

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