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San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas, sticks in my mind mostly because of the bar at the Menger Hotel. Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders used to gather there.  I got my vodka gimlet and tried to imagine the scene back in the day. But

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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, that country shaped like a boomerang. It is pronounced zah’-grrib. The second syllable is short and the r is a bit rolled. I had a waiter work on it with me until I got

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Gelada on picnic

In the Simien Mountains, the Gelada Baboons roam amidst gorgeous scenery.  It was like looking out over a section of the Grand Canyon.  Closer up, the thick-billed ravens perched amongst abysinth roses; much like a white beach rose but growing on

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Six weeks in the USA

If you have 6 weeks to see the USA?  My suggested itinerary would include 4 days in New York City, a travel day, 4 days in the capital, Washington DC, a travel day, 3 days in New Orleans, Louisiana, a

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