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Hong Kong, in the news

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protesters are pricking at my soul. There is something unhealthy going on in Hong Kong. Under the United Kingdom of Great Britain, it was such a vibrant, crazy, loud and spontaneous place. I’ve been twice there since it

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Ohio re-visited

I had taken a road trip around Ohio and felt no compunction to return until they opened the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Years went by and finally, I took the plunge. I confess I didn’t find

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Worst travel experience?

You want to know my worst travel experience?  As I’m a control freak, I think the worst case scenarios are when I am dependent on airlines to work with me. What comes to my mind is my trip to Sabah.

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Allagash Wilderness Waterway

Maine.  If almost a hundred miles of kayaking through cold water and gorgeous green forest appeals to you, this is a trip to consider. Traveling at ten miles a day, you can traverse it in nine days.  I signed on for just such

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