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Savannah, Georgia. I was lost but was driving on pretty streets lined with huge oak trees draped with Spanish moss. They gave the place an air of casual elegance. The trees seemed to politely overlook my frantic demeanor. I was

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Sea Lions

Sea lions make me smile. Like us, they are social animals. I was constantly drawn both to their interactions and solitary meanderings. Sea lions are vocal.¬†They would have appreciated Emile Zola’s quip: “I am here to live out loud!”And they

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Lights. Camera. Jump!

It happened again. I got something stuck in my head telling me I was a wimp. Why do I let these notions gnaw at me? I can only take so much of that. It was time to take steps. I

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Plane tickets

Did you get your tickets yet? Plane travel is expensive. When I was younger, I collected airline points for free trips but that became irritating and almost stifling so I stopped. Now I just look for the best price I can

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