Sea Lions

Sea lions make me smile. Like us, they are social animals. I was constantly drawn both to their interactions and solitary meanderings. Sea lions are vocal. They would have appreciated Emile Zola’s quip: “I am here to live out loud!”And they harrumphed and carried on with enough gesture that I felt confident I knew what they were talking about. They did turn their heads toward me occasionally to subtly remind the others that I could hear them too. The sea lions seemed to consider me inconsequential yet noted my presence. Hmm. Some day, I’ll bulk up.

These photos are from the Galapagos Islands.

Sea Lion A

It makes one think.

Sea Lion C

Mike, quit showing off or they’ll never go away.

Sea Lion B

Now, where was that perfect spot?

Sea Lion D

Mom, can we play in the water yet?

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