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Mount Desert Island

MAINE. Mount Desert Island is one of my favorite summertime destinations. I have a routine there. In Acadia National Park, I camp at Blackwoods Campground, by the ocean. I camp in a tent and while not overlooking the sea, my

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Swinging in my chair, and Stirring my coffee again. Cigarette smoke permeates; Lung disease won’t scare here.          ♠ From just across the river, bullets had sprayed these streets. Over the years, people had run With their groceries

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Croatia. When Yugoslavia imploded, the City of Vukovar was under frequent attack. In 1991, the hospital was bombed so that the basement was all that was left. That basement, without beds and without most everything else, served as the “hospital” during the

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Surreal Feel of London

What is the most surreal place I have ever visited? (I like this question.) Imagination, uncontrolled by reason, truly characterizes my experience in London. I’m not writing about Brexit; I’m writing about walking around a place for the first time but

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Grand Canyon

Arizona.  I took a trip to see the Grand Canyon, hiking ten miles down the Bright Angel Trail to catch the rafts at eleven o’clock in the morning. On my second night, I wrote: “Scattered cactus and scrub down here.

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