Swinging in my chair, and

Stirring my coffee again.

Cigarette smoke permeates;

Lung disease won’t scare here.


From just across the river,

bullets had sprayed these streets.

Over the years, people had run

With their groceries and children.



Now we can meander along, and

Dangle our feet over that river.

Bird song and traffic fill the breeze.

We ponder our choice of ice cream.



Education, business acumen

All present, yet a dire status quo.

Why is your country overlooked

With hearts and shops so ready?



Searching for words; the strife

So unexpected. You interject,

McDonald’s opened to crowds.

I commiserate in reply.



Questions go unanswered.

Tell us exactly,

what prompted the fighting?

Capital’s arrival is delayed.

Osijek is in Croatia, formerly in Yugoslavia.

Osijek is in Croatia, part of the former Yugoslavia.

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