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Kalinzu Forest, Uganda. We went to see chimpanzees in a forest that was home to a group of 40 chimps. We found the sign by the side of the road and drove on the path beyond. At the office, we were

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Sarajevo lodging

Bosnia and Herzegovina.  I was staying at a bed and breakfast establishment in a quiet section of Sarajevo. I enjoyed sitting on their cement stoop each evening with a glass of wine, though I’m not sure the old man of

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Egyptian Glimpses

Waiting for the Cairo subway, I admired the numbers on the clock. Somehow, it took a minute before I realized they weren’t Roman numerals. In Cairo, the department store manikins seemed overly dressed. The women in line at the juice

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Zion National Park

Musings in Utah from the next tent down… The scenery is like a fine chord. But there is more. Looking at my environment made me wonder if perhaps the Nth dimension has been here all the time, just appearing as

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