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I miss Brennivin

Iceland. I ate a chip from a chunk of a 100,000-year old glacier ice. It was served on a tray. I was on a boat (actually an amphibious vehicle) in the glacier lagoon of Jokulsarion. The day was full of

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Sukhothai Scenes

Thailand. I remember bicycling around the ruins at Sukhothai and the surrounding area. With foot brakes and a low seat, it was just my speed. While in “ruins,” the standing remnants retained enough detail so you didn’t need much imagination to

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Back in Belize

I’m not much for nightlife but I had to stay up for the Valentine poetry contest. I was in San Juan, on the beach, and almost always I had been in bed by 9pm so I could start each day

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In Turkey, you may find Pamukkale and likely agree with me that it is an interesting spot. (I was told that Pamukkale means cotton castles.)   In 2009, the population was estimated at about 4,000 so walking about town, it looked

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Weekends leaving you broke?

I don’t see how travel can ever be available to the average Joe when just an NYC weekend seems to leave me broke. (This is the gist of the comment.) NYC weekends can be expensive, no doubt. But if you

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