Weekends leaving you broke?

I don’t see how travel can ever be available to the average Joe when just an NYC weekend seems to leave me broke. (This is the gist of the comment.)

NYC weekends can be expensive, no doubt. But if you want to enjoy the weekend and not go broke, I contend it is feasible.

With some planning, you can find lodging that won’t break your budget, attractions that won’t empty your wallet, public transportation options or attractions within walking distance, and economical meal plans.

Reconsider what you want to do. Do you like watching people? Taking boat rides? Art exhibits? Museums? Once you decide what you want to do, check out the cost of the various options.

If you must see a show, check for same day discount tickets for off-Broadway shows or concerts.

If you need to have some fine dining, perhaps do that on only one evening. You might want to emphasize local dining experiences and consider calories.

Planning could involve getting a city map or public transportation information. It could involve checking Trip Advisor, Lonely Planet, HI Hostel ideas and NYC calendars.

You might find the free options and plan your itinerary around them. Or you might limit yourself to one or two costly activities per day.

If budgeting has not worked in the past, set some rules. Examples: no impulse buying; no more than one alcoholic drink per day, set a maximum daily amount for spending; comfortable walking shoes mean walking; window shopping for shopaholics. Make it your plan to make this weekend different from your prior weekends.

Remember, advertising is trying to get you to spend money. You don’t need to spend much money to have fun. But if you don’t plan ahead, the most visible options will likely be the ones with glitzy advertising. And those rarely come cheap.

Take a water bottle. Remember to have fun.



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