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Shrine of the Snake

Jordan.  In the town of Petra is a huge and interesting archeological sight. It is a sprawling mass of rock cliffs in which you can see carved tombs (and some are elaborately carved tombs) from the  very early times of

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Home Awaits

Coming home.  I can travel for months and keep my zest for discovery alive and well. But as my departure for home draws near, there is some amount of fondness for the home hearth that starts to burn. With only

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Moscow subway art

Russia has been in the daily news forever, it seems.  And I was standing in line the other day and overheard people discussing the art in Moscow underground stations. AN IDEA FOR A POST!!! Travel by subway is very efficient

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Salem Sojourn

Salem, Massachusetts. Witches, ghosts and goblins step into the spotlight in Salem on Halloween, October 31st, creating mobs of revelers in the downtown. I like admiring the different hats. In their own way, the hats rival those at the Ascot.

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Ebora Megalith Tour

Portugal. In the early Neolithic Era, in what is now the town of Almendres, somebody lugged multiple boulders to a hillside and set them in formation. These stones were 6-8 feet tall and placed in a symmetrical pattern on the length

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