Salem Sojourn

Salem, Massachusetts.

Witches, ghosts and goblins step into the spotlight in Salem on Halloween, October 31st, creating mobs of revelers in the downtown. I like admiring the different hats. In their own way, the hats rival those at the Ascot. Come rub shoulders with the costumed crowds and have your picture taken with a celebrity costume.  

The lamentable witchcraft trials of the 1690s took place in Salem Village, now the Town of Danvers. But the Town of Salem seemingly enjoys the notoriety. Ghost walks feature historic mystery and the sad truth that greed fired most witch hunts in the Salem area. Choices include the Witches’ Dungeon, Gallows Hill, a wax museum and evan trial re-enactments. If you do go around October, consider stopping at the Hawthorne Hotel for its pumpkin martini.

In the off season at Salem, there is still much history and kitsch about the witch trials. You might also like the House of the Seven Gables, the Customs House or my favorite, the Peabody-Essex Museum. When it’s not in the shop, you can tour the Friendship (a reconstruction of a 1790s merchant vessel). If none of that sounds appealing, Salem is also a place to merely enjoy the ocean views. 

This article has some photos that may entice you.

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