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Springfield, IL

Given the current weather, I’m reflecting on travels I have undertaken in the snow. One January, I had driven around Southern Illinois with the goal of seeing the Bald Eagles in the winter by the Mississippi River.  On my way

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Ceremony of Thanks

Banff, Alberta.  I visited the Town of Banff in the snow and went to most any indoor place I could find.  There was a wonderful museum, the Buffalo Nations Luxton Museum.   One exhibit caught my attention and held it

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Église Sainte-Marie

In the Acadian Region of Nova Scotia, in the town of Church Point, is the largest wooden church in North America, Église Sainte-Marie.   The historical marker included some interesting information: The church has 70 foot high columns of entire

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Machu Picchu

Peru:  They say Machu Picchu was built in or around the 1400s, over a span of one hundred years.  The guide told us that in the 1500s, the locals had removed all the city’s gold and deserted the city to

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KGB terror Misinformation Instigating chaos Casting dispersions Annexation   Hammer and sickle Surveillance Informants Disappearances Gulag Torture   Former Soviet Block Grim faces Cold demeanors Drab colors Gray candy wrappers   USA Strong Nixon to Khrushchev Kennedy to Castro American

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