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Morin Khuur

Mongolia A Morin Khuur is a two-stringed instrument played upright on your lap with a bow of stallion hair.  This one is resting on a peg inside a yurt. It was played in the evening at nomadic structures in the

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Nighttime Neighbors

As I’ve mentioned, Acadia National Park (a.k.a. Bar Harbor or Mount Desert Island) is one of my favorite summertime destinations.  One time… I was exhausted but sleep would not come.  Perhaps I was getting too old for a tent.  I kept

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Taj Mahal

Agra.  I remember bicycling in the early morning hours to reach the Taj Mahal at dawn. To me, it was very beautiful and quintessential India. In the mid 1600s, the white marble monument was built as a tomb for Shah

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