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In northern Ghana, in the East Gonja District, sits the City of Salaga. Upon disembarking from the ferry and traversing the bank, I came to a fast-moving town. Beyond the rotary below, was a busy market place.  Some merchants sold from

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Hakone Open-Air Museum

Japan. A walk in this sculpture park is good fun. Even in the rain, you won’t be disappointed in the characters you meet along the route. The Hakone Open-Air Museum is a sculpture park with an additional three houses of

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One of Poland’s oldest cities, Kraków has character. It is Poland’s second largest city and served as the Polish capital from 1038 to 1539. Like most European cities, it is situated by a water source; Kraków sits by the Vistula River.

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Kejimkujk National Park

Nova Scotia.  An overnight canoe trip is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the backcountry vibe of Kejimkujk National Park and Historical Site. It was first designated as a National Park in 1969 and is considered the second largest biosphere

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Doorbell Ringing

In honor of Halloween… Keith brushed his teeth and called it a night. Wait, he should check his calendar for the week to see what’s coming up. He dutifully reviewed his calendar, as he fought off sleep. That’s done, thought

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