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In my midlife review, I invite you to join me for the ride in TATTOO—JOURNEYS ON MY MIND. Now available as an audio book! Narrated by yours truly, it clocks in at seven hours and thirteen minutes. For me, these twenty-one stories are affirming: you can see the world even if you started out in a New England mill town! —TMLL  

CONVENIENCE.  Listen to AUDIO BOOKS anywhere—on the road, in a waiting room, on the run, at the kitchen sink, at the office, on a crowded subway train, in the hospital, at the bus stop on a rainy day… You don’t need good lighting. You don’t need your reading glasses. You can listen when your eyes are tired. Amazon and Audible sell CDs. And iBooks offers this audio through iTunes.

PRICES. Limited promotional codes for a free CD from Audible are available. To request a code, please provide me with your name and email address and a note about why you want to listen to this book. Otherwise, the Audible price is $19.95 and the iBooks price is $17.75. Audio books tend to be pricier than e-books or paper books making them an appreciated gift or a good way to meet neighbors by starting an audio book swap!



CLICK on these links to purchase this audio book at Amazon, Audible or iBooks.

Narrating a book was a learning experience.

Where it all happened!!!

TATTOO—Journeys on My Mind by Tina Marie L. Lamb is also available as an ebook or a paper book at Amazon and BarnesandNoble and iBooks.


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