Faces of Cold

I feel it...

The cold air, entering my lungs, is taking my breath away.

The chill is blasting past my thermal underwear and layers of gear.

If I pull my hat any lower, it will block my vision.

My frozen toes are ready to crack off my feet.

Within my clenched fists, my fingers pinch.

The cold discovers my chin is damp from exhaling into my scarf and veers through my layers to wreck pain.

The wind grows louder, and I sink downward as I trundle forth.

I wouldn’t miss winter for the world.  

Hiding under heaps of fluffy quilts.
A crock pot of baked beans.
A sip of cognac.
A flying saucer swirling down the hill.

From winter, I understand the magic of Spring.

Jokulsarion, Iceland



Northern Minnesota

Fate of the lost glove

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