Cows of India

India is a “colorful disorder that was orderly in its own way. I don’t think the cows would have it any other way. The serene or plastered cows set the tone even if it looked like all else was going at a loud and frenzied pace. I was swatting flies at my sidewalk table and a cow stopped to watch my efforts. Although standing in front of my table, the cow remained very aloof as though its reality was being played out on some other astral plane. I kept wondering what was up with those cows? Were they reincarnated cynics who had seen it all before? Were they extraterrestrial spies? When a cow stared at me, I worried it might be considering me for testing onboard a UFO. Chaotic traffic didn’t faze them. Had they been transcended? Were they merely oblivious?  The cows’ perspective remained ever a mystery. The cows set the ‘whatever’ or ‘whichever way the wind blows’ tone. At least, that was the tone I got on my tuning fork.” —-Tattoo, Chapter 14



Whichever way the wind blows


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