Destination Decisions

How do you decide where you really want to go?

This sounds like you have a few destinations in mind, but maybe you don’t! If you don’t, check out Travel Ideas.

If you have a few ideas already, this would be a good time to talk to people and look in bookstores. You might look at TripAdvisor and do Google searches on all the destinations you are considering. Do you want to hike? Roam museums? Walk about Unesco World Heritage Sites? Dance the night away? Live on the beach? Are there three things that would make your trip a success? Can any of your selected destinations let you have all three? 

What is your feeling about strange foods? About different cultures? About poor roads? About big bugs? Are you willing to learn some foreign vocabulary words? What is your budget in terms of money and time? Will you be going alone? In a group? With another?  

Sometimes, I’m pretty sure I want to go to a place but after further research, it is just not getting me excited. Sometimes, after further research, I become excited about going. As a travel addict, I suggest that once you learn more about various destinations, you will know where you most want to go when you feel it.

Wherever you go, you are likely to find something positive about the experience if you keep an open mind.

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