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I’ll bet most people don’t talk of being bamboozled. That is one reason why I’m telling my story.

I had purchased a prepaid book publishing contract in 2016. It was one of those promotions, urging authors to lock into 2016 rates even if your book was still in the planning stages and years away. I was working then and figured it would be good to have this paid and ready for my retirement.  

I finished the manuscript for my next book. I clicked on Dog Ear Publishing’s link to send my manuscript to Dog Ear Publishing.    

Surprise! All Dog Ear Publishing websites are no longer working (404 Error Codes come up). I tried calling but the numbers were no longer in service.  From a few entries found in a Google search, it sounds like Dog Ear Publishing went out of business in 2018; but there is no definitive announcement from Dog Ear Publishing on that. I find no records of Dog Ear Publishing having filed for bankruptcy.

My contract was “safely” in a Dog Ear Publishing Author Account. The few bits I compulsively printed out show I paid for a book contract.  This has to be the worst scam I have encountered yet in life. FRAUD happens.  

I tried ordering my book from Amazon; that order is still pending as Amazon determines its availability. Another impending nightmare, I fear.

I’m pursuing my few options to recoup that minor fortune and picking up the pieces to go forward with my new book. It will likely be coming out much later than planned!  

Lessons Learned: Forget the prepayment option. Print out everything. Don’t let the turkeys get you down.


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