Doorbell Ringing

In honor of Halloween…

Keith brushed his teeth and called it a night. Wait, he should check his calendar for the week to see what’s coming up. He dutifully reviewed his calendar, as he fought off sleep. That’s done, thought Keith.  He headed toward his bedroom again. 

Then the doorbell rang. Who was at his door at this hour?

Keith stumbled down the stairs of his new home. Wait, didn’t the Home Inspector point out that the house had no doorbells? Perhaps the Inspector had missed one. Keith sat on the stairs and pondered.  Keith himself had searched for a doorbell and found none.

A doorbell rang again. Keith stood up and timidly approached his front door. He decided to look at the front step from a side window. He saw nothing. He headed back up the stairs.

The doorbell rang. Keith ran down the stairs and threw open his front door. 

Two days later, the newspaper reported that Keith had been found dead on his front step, apparently the victim of a heart attack. 

Death sometimes knocks. And sometimes rings the doorbell.

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