Dragon Fruit

It was in Vietnam where I first learned of Dragon Fruit.  

My first introduction to the Dragon Fruit Tree was an orchard behind barbed wire along the road.  I was struck by the tree’s leaves, like jagged ticker tapes, hanging down like a haystack.  To my eyes, the leaves had a cactus look to them.  In this orchard, the trees were all short and stout.

Dragon Fruit Tree

The Dragon Fruit had a fuchsia-colored peel with a haphazard array of yellow, pointy protrusions that could be reminiscent of Dragon scales.  The inner fruit is white with black spots; it was a soft fruit and had a sweet taste.  I liked it.

Dragon Fruit

I later purchased a Dragon Fruit at a local market and was thankful I had brought my Swiss army knife along on the journey.

Click here for more information on the Dragon Fruit.

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  1. Avatar photo lipsticktattoo says:

    This article has pictures of interesting fruits, including dragon fruit – pics from Thailand

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