Endearing Elephants

I have a memory like an elephant. In fact, elephants often consult me. —Noel Coward 

That water feels good on the feet!

Riding atop an elephant in a forest, the elephant would uproot a tree for a snack, all without missing a beat. At a Moscow circus, one elephant crawled on its knees under another. At dawn, a huge elephant entered the water to playfully bathe and shower. A huge bull elephant, complete with tusks, was coming close enough for a great photo just as the guide said we needed to run. A news article spoke of marauding male adolescents, a consequence of poachers killing off the bulls who would have kept them in line. A baby jogged underneath its mother to keep up with her walk. Eminently endearing!

Catch the chit chat at the public bath!

Elephants forever and a day.

E is for Emotional intelligence

L is for Longterm memory

E is for Ears flapping

P is for Pachyderm

H is for Herbivorous

A is for Artful in twirling hay

N is for Nurturing

T is for Trunks and Tusks

Awesome Ears.

This elephant was scratching an itch.

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