While obvious for a camping trip, a flashlight is worthwhile piece of equipment in whatever style you are traveling. I am partial to the key chain laser flashlights, but the credit card sized ones are probably the most travel friendly. I try to keep one on my person at all times when abroad.

While walking to supper in Accra, the electricity went out. With my flashlight, my companions and I were able to avoid some dangerous looking potholes. In Victoria Falls, the side of the road dropped into a four foot ditch that a flashlight would have shown was dangerously close. In a Chang Mai guest house, I grabbed my ever present light just in time to see a white rat had jumped over my mosquito netting. Not that it helped, but it was good to know what I was dealing with.

It is oftentimes in those places where you would not bring a flashlight that these tiny bits of gear show their worth. When the lights went out for some minutes at a McDonald’s in Delhi, a flashlight would have been handy.

my travel flashlight

my travel flashlight

(Younger people have told me they would just use their phone for a light. This post is for anyone else out there other than me who doesn’t carry a phone on their person at all times! I remember writing union bargaining proposals when an employer proposed getting beepers for staff. I refuse to be plugged in.)

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