In Jordan, in the Gilead Hills, aside of the modern city now called Jerash, lie the ruins of the ancient city of Gerasa.  First founded by Alexander the Great in 300s B.C, but then Pompeii conquered Gerasa for Rome around 60 B.C.  Gerasa was a thriving Roman city until an earthquake shook it up in the 700s AD.  

In 1806, Ulrich Jasper discovered the ruins.  Archeologists estimate that only ten percent of the ancient ruins have been uncovered.

Jerash is well worth a visit. It is about an hour’s drive north of Jordan’s capital city, Amman.  Jerash is a huge site with great long distance views. Here are some photos.

Adrian’s Arch, 129 A.D., is over 35 feet tall!


The other side of Adrian’s arch from the inner city

Long distance view


Arches around hippodrome where they held chariot races.


Looking up at the columns in the Temple of Artemis


Another view from a distance


Mosaic tile floor from a church consecrated in 533 A.D.


Columns in an oval show the site of the forum


Cardo Maximus, 1st century AD
Straight road and originally flanked by columns on either side


Looking at modern Jerash from the ancient city ruins

“The ruins often amaze us because we are so arrogant that it is difficult for us to accept the talents of the people of the past!”
Mehmet Murat ildan

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