Kocula is an island off the Croatian coast.  It was beautiful; it was quiet.  After basking in the main center for a day, I was ready for something new but I had a full day left there.  What to do?  I rented a bicycle in the main square.  I got one with a basket for my knapsack, such a good idea.  From the main square, I set off for grape vineyards and olive groves.  The shops disappeared. The houses got further apart.

I was having a time admiring the butterflies and the wildflowers. But it was a bit jolting when I started coming upon roadsigns warning drivers to watch out for wild boar. I hear they run fast and my bicycling is on the slow side. I never did decide what song to sing in case of an encounter. Fortunately, they must have been roaming elsewhere on that day.  I rode onto to piers with places to stop for refreshment along the coast. I stopped for a swim at a beach along the way. All in all, it was tranquil fun. I wonder now if they put those wild boar warnings out just to tease the tourists.


Beware Wild Boar

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