In 2020, Madagascar made an herbal supplement, Covid Organics, free to its population, touted as a means to protect oneself from the worst of COVID-19.  I see in mid 2021, Madagascar is welcoming COVID-19 vaccinations for its citizens. Very glad for citizens of Madagascar. Ever hoping more access to English language education and more open government, but the vaccine is a huge start. Mora mora (slowly, slowly).

With famine, COVID-19, sapphire rushes and further threats to lemur habitat, I check in on Madagascar quarterly, ever hopeful. Madagascar is an island with so many wonders.  

Madagascar is on my mind…

Baobob Trees


Grand Tsingy at Bemahara National Park


Golden web spiders are a lot less intimidating in a photo.


male Madagascar Spear-nose snake


Flat tailed gecko


Lemurs have opposable “thumbs” on their feet.


Market stall


At work


Lovely beaches on Isle St. Marie

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“A canoe does not know who is king. When it turns over, everyone gets wet.”  —printed at (May 8, 2021)

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