Motion Sickness

For people who find themselves a bit shaky after a hard day of travel, I recommend you consider motion wrist bands.  I’ve heard of people wearing them to guard against sea sickness.

I find these are great for bouncing and crashing inside motor vehicles on overland journeys on miserable roads or off roads.  Also, I recommend them if you will be in a rowboat on high waves for protracted periods (e.g., low end, deep sea fishing).  

Inexpensive in the scheme of things and comfortable so you don’t notice you have them on, I’ve used them for years.

The bands put slight pressure on the P6 acupuncture point on the inside of the wrist. I believe the wrist bands have gotten me through tough days without developing a headache and nausea. I’m not recommending any brand but here is an example of the sort I use.

If you are already nauseous, have your plastic bag ready, but there is hope.  I always carry hard peppermint candy.  Another alternative is a tin of ginger pieces; just suck on it and slowly the condition may fade.  They sell chewable ginger too but I’ve never tried that. 

“Scientists think it [ginger] works by keeping your digestive function stable and blood pressure consistent.”  — (July 19, 2020).

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