New Haven

Why not spend a weekend in New Haven, Connecticut?  

I generally take the Amtrak train from Boston and enjoy the coastal view outside the train window. On a Friday, you can take a Shuttle bus from Union Station to Downtown. But those only run on weekdays. For Sunday departures, I take a taxi to the train at Union Station. If you do take a car, parking can be a challenge.

For museums, options include: Yale University Art Gallery, Yale Peabody Natural History Museum, and the Yale Center for British Art.  I recommend stopping at the New Haven Historical Society for local exhibits. (The Mende who successfully overtook the slave ship “La Amistad” were held in New Haven pending the courtroom drama.) The local playhouse may have something of interest too.

Claire’s Corner Copia is one option for meals. It is very comfortable for solo travelers. It is generally full of people so you can make noise and nobody notices. It offers a variety of food choices. Nobody rushes you. I like it. For lodging, the Hotel Duncan is in the middle of downtown. There isn’t much to write home about this lodging except for its location. It often runs some good price specials.  I’m a repeat customer.

New Haven is on the water. Sandbar is a no frills seafood restaurant in West Haven where there are public beaches too. But I prefer New Haven in the winter and generally stay around the downtown area on a weekend trip. I like to see what the Yale University campus has on offer for snowmen; that can be fun.

Of note:  Charles Goodyear was from New Haven, Connecticut.

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