Seashells intrigue and charm me. On a quiet morning at the beach, seashells inspire the investigator and mythmaker in me.  

Shells in Vietnam

Where did I first see you?  What creature did you house?  Have you been to faraway beaches? What secrets do you hold?

Shells in South Carolina

When I cup the spiraled opening of a conch shell against my ear, is it the wind of another world that I can hear?

Shells in Madagascar

CuriosityStream tells about how seashells are made here. includes an article about why shells have patterns here.’s article: “8 Fascinating Facts about Seashells” is here.

And a Seashell Identification Guide is here.

“Every shell has a story, intriguing people like me to pick them up and study them and dream about the magic at our fingertips.—TMLL

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