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Two Toed Sloth

Costa Rica:  I was off for a 4-mile walk in hope of catching a glimpse of a sloth. The trail was in a wooded area along the beach.  There were Christ Lizards, so called because of their halo-like headpiece. There were

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True Peru

When I was in Peru, I was in a pensive mood. After Machu Picchu, the Nacza Lines, and a go at bungee jumping, I was almost restless. A cacao shop in Cusco offered up great hot chocolate and cake, and I started

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Kocula is an island off the Croatian coast.  It was beautiful; it was quiet.  After basking in the main center for a day, I was ready for something new but I had a full day left there.  What to do?

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Travel sickness

Plan on having fun but what if…?  It is always good to be prepared. Pack Ciproflaxin tablets and rehydration salts and hand sanitizer. Get the recommended vaccines before you leave home. When attempting any physical exertion in the heat, guzzle

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